Accumulate examples
By, FaNtasi'a

Hi members,

This is one of the question I got from portal.(the easiest one)
Let s start our interaction by completing this table, give any food example that you can think:-).

thin liquids
Water, Chinese tea, green tea
viscous liquid
Milk, barley drink, yoghurt drink, mushroom soup
very viscous liquids
Yoghurt, Thousand Island dressing, mayonnaise, condensed milk, oil
elastic liquids
Jelly drink, honey, chewing gum, mozzarella cheese(heated)
Kaya, fruit jam, peanut butter, dodol
soft solids
Tofu, porridge, mashed potatoes, jelly
hard solids
Biscuits, chocolate bars, nuts

Yi Shen:
I think honey is very viscous liquid. What do you think?

alifah... is correct shen...honey is very viscous can't imagine how nice the flow of the honey when we use spoon to drop it...with the gold color of the honey i am sure honey is the best example of the very viscous liquid...erm can i ask something...sometimes it will be some crystal form on top of the i had told before..for the pure honey no sugar are added right? can anybody help me why it form on top the honey? it show the honey is not the pure one?