azura summary 1

Our first lecture is all about Rheology.Honestly,when i see or hear the words end with gy,ic and any ending that show the words is scientifIC,i start to confuse myself.haha.But then,after following the lectures(even always come late and absent sometimes) rheology is only study about the FLOW.Flow?yes flow.Simple like that.To study the "concept" of flow is the one complicated.

okay,lets go to the meaning of Rheology first.Formally.Rheology comes from Greek words "rheos" meaning to flow and the Greek philosopher explained rheology as "panta rei" means everything flow.Plus,rheology concerned with relationship between strain ,stress, and time.I can see big question marks in Tan pek Hoon's minds in our first lecture.just kidding.haha
okay,based on my understanding,what rheology terms trying to explain is anything is this worlds can flow.Whether is flow in fast rate or slow.With application of forces,the flowing processing will be more easier and faster.I make very simple example.U want to eat a slice of bread.And some margarine on top of that.nyum!!!okay.just wait the margarine in the container to flow and spread on your bread.Can???yes.just lied.haha.of course u need to applied some works to take the margarine and applied some forces to spread it=) the way margarine spread is what we are going to study more.After u understand the concept of rheology,let me introduce u to Mr Newtonion.Mrs non- Newtonian(widow with 2 kids-time dependent and time independent) in tthe next chapter okay.
happy reading everybody=)